Per the bylaws, we are directed to conduct six board meetings per year with two of those being general membership meetings.  We strongly encourage homeowners to attend at least one general membership meeting a year.  However, any homeowner is welcome to attend any general membership or board meeting.

Board Meetings Start Promptly at 6:30pm

All meetings are held at the Jeffersontown Police Station,
10410 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299.

There is a conference room located far left if you are facing the front of the building.

Please see the schedule to the right ---->

* Homeowners may request access to board meeting minutes and financials by clicking here and making a request

2023 Schedule

January 9 at 6:30pm
March 13 at 6:30pm
** May 8 at 6:30pm   
July 10 at 6:30pm
September 11 at 6:30
** November 13 at 6:30pm    

** Bi-Annual General Membership Meeting begins at 7:00pm

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